Climate risk resources & tools

There is a growing need for information, advice and guidance to support the finance sector in mobilising and mainstreaming ESG thinking and practice across various institutions. 

Introduction to ESG

Learn how climate change is already influencing the behaviours of investors, financial markets and financial institutions.

What is ESG?

Read. Listen. Watch to Learn

Sustainable Finance in the South African Financial Services Sector


ESG in Investing


PRI? SRI? ESG? What does “responsible investing” actually mean?


Unpacking the E, the S and the G

“Sustainable finance takes into account investments that deliver social and environmental benefits alongside economic benefits. It includes the practice of evaluation to avoid risk and prevent harm (being the traditional realm of ESG risk management practice), and goes beyond this by increasing capital flows to activities that deliver impact in the “sustainable” dimensions of sustainable development.” - Sustainable Finance Handbook for South Africa, 2021 SA National Treasury Sustainable Finance Working Group.

The E

Conserving the natural environment that underpins all economies


The G

Organisational management that meets the needs of the 21st century


The S

Ensuring that financial prosperity is not at the expense of people and society

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