This project aims to enhance the South African financial sector’s ESG analytical services: to improve governance, skills, and awareness in the financial sector and to provide access to tools and data that will lead to better investment decision-making.


Through collaboration, we believe that great things are possible and through these partnerships we hope to enable capacity building of the South African Finance sector.

The National Business Initiative (NBI) is a not for profit development organisation that works to address South Africa’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. We are an independent and voluntary coalition of South African and multinational businesses, launched in 1995 by the then President Nelson Mandela.

Since our formation the NBI has made a distinct impact in the spheres of housing delivery, crime prevention, local economic development, public sector capacity building, further education and training, schooling and public private partnerships. More recently, the NBI has led the environmental agenda for business through our work in energy efficiency, water and climate change. Key programmes in this regard include the implementation of CDP Climate Change and CDP Water, the Energy Efficiency Leadership Network (EELN) and the successful completion of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) programme. The NBI also currently serves as the Secretariat of the CEO Initiative and the BRICS Business Council.


Just Share is a non-profit shareholder activism organisation. We believe that responsible investment is necessary to create a just, inclusive and sustainable economy. We use research, engagement, advocacy and activism to drive urgent action to combat climate change and reduce inequality.

Just Share is the only organisation in South Africa dedicated to using responsible investment and sustainable finance as mechanisms to achieve social and environmental justice. In our climate change work, we aim to catalyse change within the South African financial sector to enable it to support a sustainable transition which (a) contributes to the achievement of the Paris Goals and (b) makes the South African economy more inclusive.


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a global organisation, and WWF South Africa is one of 150 offices around the world, and a registered NPO (003-226-NPO), which was established in 1968.

WWF-SA’s vision is to inspire people to live in harmony with nature for the wellbeing of all, with the primary goals: To conserve, protect and restore priority ecological areas; Address the risks of climate change and harness the opportunities; and Secure ecological services that underpin socio-economic wellbeing.

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