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Watch the video below to understand the important role the South African finance sector plays in funding this journey and ensuring a competitive cost of capital. Sustainable finance is a key enabler for South Africa to shift to a zero-carbon economy.

Expert opinion

The outputs presented by our partners rely on extensive stakeholder engagement with key experts with knowledge on climate science, ecology, economics, policy, law, investment, business and governance, enriched by strong partner networks and project portfolios.

Gordon Laing

SEE Sustainability cc

Two crucial – and inextricably-linked - issues South Africa faces are its dire socioeconomic situation and its severe vulnerability to climate change. The transport sector has the potential to play a key role in mitigating both of these issues.

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Farai Chireshe

WWF South Africa

The aviation industry plays a critical role in South Africa (SA)’s economy, as it facilitates local and international trade and tourism. While aviation-related emissions typically ‘fly under the radar’, the industry’s climate impact is insidious and could have significant consequences if unabated. At present, greenhouse gas emissions from SA’s aviation sector account for over 8 % of the country’s transport emissions.

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David W Wright

Independent Consultant

After power and petrochemicals, the transport sector is one of the highest emitting sectors in South Africa. Consequently, to achieve Net Zero by 2050, the sector will need to be decarbonised or, more accurately “defossilised”. Naturally these changes will have a significant impact on the liquid fuels industry, the question is how, and when?

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Sector Reports

As part of this project, the partners have developed sector investment guides to quantify climate risk across the electricity, agriculture and transport sectors, building on a range of available data sources. Please see our available reports below.




New research and trending news

Featured reports, topical research and news feeds aim to build the capacity of the financial services sector in South Africa to engage with climate risk, and to adjust its investment and lending approaches.

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